Skills and Tools

Formal languages:
  • Programming languages: C, C++, Matlab (and in earlier times: Common Lisp, Algol, Pascal, Fortran, etc.).
  • Hardware description languages: VHDL, Verilog, SystemC, ART-C, Arx.
  • Scripting languages: Tcl, awk, sed, bash, csh, make.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, PHP.
Design automation tools:
  • Synopsys RT-level design: Design Compiler, Primetime, Test Compiler, Power Compiler, Formality, Tetramax.
  • Synopsys system-level design: CoCentric System Studio.
  • Mentor: Modelsim/Questasim, HDL Designer, Leonardo, DFT Advisor.
  • Cadence: schematic entry, NCsim.
  • Altera: Quartus II.
Other tools:
  • Version management: Subversion, CVS, Synchronicity.
  • Text processing: LaTeX, Framemaker, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, TimingDesigner,
Natural languages:
  • Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish at various degrees of fluency.