Expertise of Bibix

Bibix can build on more than 15 years of industrial experience in IC design. The expertise includes:
  • The entire digital design trajectory: register-level and higher-level coding, testbench design, simulation, synthesis, timing verification, test-vector generation, formal verification, etc.
  • Verification of analog, RF and mixed-signal designs as part of system-on-chip top-level simulations involving multiple processors and software.
  • System design focused on performance improvement of digital communication blocks.
  • Setting up multi-project, multi-user, and multi-site design flows with version management.
Bibix also benefits from more than 30 years of academic research and teaching that is still ongoing, focused on the following topics:
  • Implementation techniques for digital signal processing.
  • System-on-chip design.
  • VLSI design automation.
  • Hardware-description languages.